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There are a number of replacement parts available for Hampton bay outdoor lights, unfortunately very few of them are available over the counter. Now I know what your thinking, if they sell the fixtures then they should carry all the replacement parts too. Hampton Bay has gotten a bad reputation for this but in reality it’s not their fault. Let’s look at this statement logically. If you took every replacement part from every fixture Hampton Bay has ever made then you could fill a small building. Home Depot Customer Care to the rescue! A simple phone call to the right number, with model number in hand, should give you the replacement parts you are looking for.

Customer Care
The Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry RD NW
Atlanta, GA 30339

Finding Model Numbers

Every light that I’ve ever installed from Hampton Bay has had the model number printed on a sticker next to the wiring in either the canopy, for a ceiling fixture, or on the back plate of a wall mounted indoor or outdoor fixture. Always play it safe and turn off the circuit breaker to the fixture before attempting to get into the wiring.

  1. On a wall mounted fixture there are usually 2 threaded balls that must be removed. Once removed you should be able to slowly pull the fixture from the wall and read the sticker with the model number.
  2. If this is a ceiling mounted fixture then there can be a couple of way’s to take it down.
    • Pendant style fixtures usually have 2 threaded balls similar to the wall mounts mentioned above and can be checked the same way.
    • Flush mount lights can be taken down by first removing the glass. Inside you will see 2 screws holding the fixture to the electrical ceiling box. If there are keyholes then you only have to loosen the screws, turn the fixture and it will drop down. Otherwise remove the screws completely.
  3. Ceiling fans typically have a plastic ring at the top of the canopy closest to the ceiling that hides the screws. Turn this ring counterclockwise and it will slip down giving access to the screws. Remove the screws and look under the canopy for the sticker.

Here’s a picture to help you locate the model number:


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Finding the replacement parts

Your first step should be calling Hampton Bay’s Customer Service line at 877-527-0313 or 800-466-3337. Follow the options given and talk to a Customer Service Representative about finding the replacement parts you need. They will be asking you for the model number so be sure to have it handy.

If you don’t have luck with them right away then hang up and call back. You should get someone new, much like anywhere you go these day’s there will be good Customer Service Representatives and bad ones. If a Customer Service Representative is not giving you the service you need, or say’s he cannot help you with your replacement parts, hang up and try again. If they still can’t help, you can always visit a Home Depot Store and find one of the lighting associates there to assist you in locating replacement parts.

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  1. Paul Rickert says:

    I bought a 6-pack of solar LED Landscape lights, #235-927. They lasted a short time even with newly charged batteries. Some had the LED glowling but would not come full bright – others would not light not light at all. Why die they fail and can thee be fixed?

  2. Brian J Morgan says:

    What is the part number for the (bottom) cast base piece of a HB7017P-05.

  3. S Douthit says:

    I bought a 6 pack of Hampton Bay solar lights summer of 2012, they worked last summer, but this summer I have changed the batteries twice and can only get one of them to work. I called your repair department and was told they need the receipt before they will do anything. I threw the receipt away last summer because they all worked. He is the model number:883 640 Thank You for your help, I will be anxiously waiting for your reply

  4. Hampton outdoor light fixture #920-017.
    What is powering the LEDs in this light? Is it a transformer and how much power total do these lights draw.
    There is a photo cell sensor #594-135. Can three of these LED lights be run off one of these sensors? (to synch them).

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