Solar Lights and Photocells

We get quite a few emails here about Hampton Bay Outdoor Lighting , Solar Lights in particular, and I would like to share a few of the questions and answers. Hopefully this will help others with the same or similar questions. You can find out more about how to get replacement parts on this page: Replacement Parts

Defective Solar Lights

Q: I purchased outdoor solar lights model no 79778 from Home Depot about a month and a half ago. I sent in my warranty registration. They are not working and I need to know what to do. I cannot find my copy of the registration, but I have the model #, sku #, and UPC and I am hoping you can find my registration. Please get back to me asap. Thank you.

A: It’s very uncommon to get an entire set of solar lights that don’t work straight out of the box. When the solar lights are shipped there is a small plastic strip that keeps the batteries from contacting the internal circuitry of the light. The tops should come free of the body with a slight twist. Make sure these plastic tabs are removed and the solar lights have had a full day of sun to charge. If the solar lights are bad then I would return them to Home Depot, they should be able to do an exchange for you right at the store.

Recent Solar Lights Purchase

Q: Recently I purchased the 8-pack Pagoda 2 Tier Stainless Steel Walk Lights (984 076) at Home Depot. One of the lights is not working and there are no rechargeable batteries that the box lists as included. Please advise how I can get a working light!

A: Nice choice, that’s a great looking solar path light! The lights are actually shipped with the batteries pre-installed so you shouldn’t have to worry about putting them in. Also see the answer to the above question about the plastic tab on the batteries. If these plastic tabs have already been removed then you probably received a faulty light from the factory. If this is the case take it back to the Home Depot and they will get that solar light replaced for you.

Outdoor Lighting Part Needed

Q: I need a photoelectric sensor for my outdoor lantern. I was just at Lowes and they said the part number is 594-135. This is for an incandescent, but I need one for a fluorescent. Any available??? Thanks

A: I’m assuming when your talking about fluorescent your talking about the newer compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s) or some people call them spirals. The answer to your question is yes, these are available now. The older style were incompatible with CFL’s due to a voltage drop on the inside of the control. There is one that I know of made by Westek, the model number is FLC8BC. It’s available at a number of hardware stores and online. Try doing a google search for “Westek FLC8BC” and you’ll find it.

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  1. Craig Heffner says:

    I have solar lights SKU#986353 and on several the plastic eye for hanging the fixture has broken. Are replacements available?

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